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Bagasse table ware products have a  wide variety of applications in the food industry as well as packaging industry.These bagasse products are compostable and eco friendly as they are made of  natural fiber i.e sugarcane bagasse which is left over residue of sugarcane. Our ecofriendly solutions also include jute bags, Injection mould applications such as Compostable food containers, bio degradable food packaging products like plates, bowls, trays, spoons, forks, knives, compartment or partition plates. Biodegradable Biryani boxes, areca products such as round and square plates of all sizes, spoons, bowls etc.

We also deal with jute shopping bags, eco friendly lunch box, biodegradable tableware. Our products are very economical and eco friendly. Our products are widely used In India aa well as abroad.

Earthware, is a Distributes to key companies in the food industry in india as well as Abroad.

Our star products are the Biodegradable plates and well as biodegradable food containers that are widely used to delivery and takeaway by many restaurants and food chains in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai chennai and Pune.


biodegradable food containers

The bagasse 425/500ml Container

Suitable for Curries as well as dry items

Microwave safe, Freezer safe

Degrades in 60 days

biodegradable boxesThe Bagasse 900ml Container

Suitable for Pasta/Rice/Noodles/Biryani /Sweets etc

Microwave safe Freezer Safe

green food delivery packaging

The Bagasse 850ml Container

Suitable for Pastas/ Rice/Noodles/Biryani /Sweets etc

Microwave safe Freezer Safe


                                   food packaging eco friendly green    



Composting is an easy and effective way to enrich your soil AND significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. It really is quite simple and extremely beneficial. Instead of throwing away yard waste and fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps, you can simply add them to a backyard compost bin. Give it a quick stir every now and then, and in anywhere from 1 to 5 months you’ll have a rich, robust soil amendment you can add to your gardens to help make them healthier. Rich in nutrients, compost acts as a soil conditioner, a fertilizer, and a natural pesticide for soil.



Compost helps bind clusters of soil particles, called aggregates, which provide good soil structure. Such soil is full of tiny air channels & pores that hold air, moisture and nutrients.

  • Compost helps sandy soil retain water and nutrients.
  • Compost loosens tightly bound particles in clay or silt soil so roots can spread, water drain & air penetrate.
  • Compost alters soil structure, making it less likely to erode, and prevents soil spattering on plants—spreading disease.
  • Compost can hold nutrients tight enough to prevent them from washing out, but loosely enough so plants can take them up as needed.Compost makes any soil easier to work.

Advantages of Biodegradable / Compostable Bioplastic Products

  • Using biodegradable and compostable plastic products such as (biowaste) bags and packaging or cutlery increases end-of-life options. In addition to recovering energy and mechanical recycling, composting (organic recovery / organic recycling) becomes an available waste management option.
  • This appears to be of particular benefit when plastic items are mixed with biowaste. Under these conditions, mechanical recycling is not feasible for either plastics or biowaste. The use of compostable plastics makes the mixed waste suitable for organic recycling, enabling the shift from recovery to recycling (a treatment option which is higher in the European waste hierarchy). An increased amount of biowaste is collected and then used to create valuable compost.
Also Avalable under our brand The Green Indian
  • Biodegradable / Composatable / Ecofriendly bags

    Cloth Shopping Bags and Jute Shopping Bags

    Biodegradable waste bags

    ecofriendly disposable bags

    Biodegradable Disposable Tableware

    Sugarcane baggase biodegradable dinnerware

    Areca Compostable dinnerware

    Compostable / PLA products

    Biodegrdable Coconut Coir Products

    Natural Coconut Coir Mulch or Coir Disc

    Coir Seedling Cups

    Other Coconut Coir Products



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