Our range of plant round and sqaure plates are most suitable for meals and snacks.

You can serve a complete meal in out 10" round plates, or a whole range of snacks in our small plates starting at 5 inchs in width.

Pastas, pizzas, fruits chats and more name it and our plane round plates are most suitable.


Partition plates are most suitable for food courts and buffets.

Choose from a wide range of partition plates, with 3, 4 or 5 compartmetns.

Our plates range from 9 inches in diameter to 12 inches in diameter with compartmetn.

We also haave a 5 compartement meal tray that comes with a lid.




Our range of bowls are perfect for deserts, fruits, icecreams etc.

They come in various sixes to suit our dish.

Lids for these bowls are made to order.


We believe is providing alternates to single use plastics. All our products are made of 100 % eco friendly material.

Use any of our products and you sure have contributed to the environment

Visfortec provides a complate range of biodegradable, compostable disposable tableware and eco friendly products.
We specialise in only products that are 100% eco friendly. like bagasse plates, Cups Bowls etc


Coposted plate earthware

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